Grandmother's birthday menu

Cooking in somebody else's kitchen can be scary. You have no idea what ingredients are available and where tools are - it's a good lesson in how much you know without being aware of it when in your own kitchen. However, Martin and Tali had a stack of superb ingredients and usable tools to when we took on the task of preparing the dinner for my grandmother's 83rd birthday there was no reason to panick.

Chicken fillets were turned in melted butter with plenty of tarragon and a few drops of balsamico vinegar. Then we half-wrapped them in thin slices of ham and baked/grilled them in the oven.

For lemon-glaced wegetables we cut thin slices of red onions, and thin rectangular pieces of carrots and apples. This gorgeously coloured mix was fried in sugar and lemon juice. It's important to pay attention and stir often, it's also a good idea to be careful with the sugar because it easily becomes too sweet.

Finally we made a spring-green, creamy sauce: first heating cream, milk and slices of leek, after a while adding small bouquets of broccoli.

Worked pretty well, I think.

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