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  • Frozen song - Zero Visibility 10/25 2017

    The piece Frozen songs is inspired by the Svalbard seed vault, choreographed by Ina Christel Johannesen for Zero Visibility corp.

    On my way to the performance, I crossed the grey concrete surrounding Dansens hus, Oslo, and re-emerged after one hour 45 minutes of new impressions, with mixed feelings and a bag of seeds. The seeds made me even more aware of how sterile and free of vegetation the concrete streets in the Vulkan area are..

    The first thing that struck me... More

    By lake Mjøsa, July 2015

    Soft rain draws circles on lake Mjøsa, no fishes jumping.
    Thirty years ago they were. The new normal,
    our accustomed poverty

    When Alf sang of Mjøsa, fireflies flashed like city lights,
    this evening's darkness a witness of
    July's lush deception

    Ecological impoverishment is invisible, camouflaged poverty.
    Culture takes nature for granted, with
    short-term memory

    Thoughts on Harris-Chomsky emails

    So, I haven't really read anything by Noam Chomsky nor by Sam Harris, but it was fascinating to read through their recent email exchange . Two clever men, obviously well regarded American intellectuals, and yet they fail to really understand their differences..

    Like half of the Internet, I hereby step in with my interpretations..

    «Ethically speaking, intention is (nearly) the whole story» - Sam Harris

    «As for intentions, there is nothing at all to say in More

    Learning to read: a problem of rhythm?

    Recently I've spent some time trying to help children learn to read, working with children at various stages of fluency. It strikes me that an important part of the process of learning to read is learning to «tokenize» or divide a written word into syllables.

    This problem depends on a given language's phonetics – but is also a function of how our roman alphabet works. In for example the Japanese Hiragana alphabet, each letter is a syllable. The alphabet starts A, I, U, E, O, KA,... More

    DV8: John (preview)

    Seen at Dansens hus, Oslo, June 2014 (I also did a class/workshop with the company

    On leaving this performance, I caught myself wondering why I had not changed. Maybe I didn't feel any change yet because I was being too impatient, expecting to be challenged and sort of mentally re-engineered with immediate impact?

    The very question said something about my high expectations of Lloyd Newson's and DV8's work. Some of his pieces have indeed changed my thinking. Watching "John", I kept thinking it was good, solid quality work, awesome set, strong performers, dramatic stories - and yet I was watching it as if from the outside, not really... More

  • Frozen song - Zero Visibility 10/25 2017
  • By lake Mjøsa, July 2015
  • Thoughts on Harris-Chomsky emails
  • Learning to read: a problem of rhythm?
  • DV8: John (preview)
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