Translucid annoyances

Recently I was going to help a friend turn their small business website into a CMS-driven one, and I quite thoroughly explored looking for a system that would meet the requirements.

Said requirements were roughly

To be honest, while I think the OpenSourceCMS site is a wonderful resource, I was disappointed with the quality of the featured systems. Just about all of them failed to meet the criteria - most of them were overly complex, the rest had no functionality..

One that looked promising was Translucid from It was a big plus that it had built-in support for multiple languages. The UI looked simple. This was the one I eventually suggested to my friend and it is currently powering a test version of their new site.

While setting up the test site however, I came across several annoying issues. Should the Translucid team come across this, I hope they will make use of this friendly criticism to improve their software:

So there, I think those were all the issues I noticed.

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From Alexey Abraham     on 2008-06-22 18:30:43

Hi Hallvord,
Most of your commants to TransLucid are correct :)
In addition, I'd like to pin another one: when you create a page in different language than default, XML file is saved under 'default language' :)
And another one (it's just bug in template)
When pages in other langs are created, empty menu placeholders are added :) //needs simple fix in template.

But I failed to find a substitution to this CMS since it is simple and no DB is required :) //probably you can help me with it? :)

Even though, I succeeded to mix it together and voila: - temporary host for one site (3 languages: English, Hebrew, Russian :))

And another one (my own site): - I've created it just during 6-8 hours (from my old homepage, which could be found at

One problem - only one template is given by translucid and I'm not so great web designer ;)

//BTW, I don't care whether you'll keep the link to my site :), I just wanted to give you some response :)