Upcoming Wergeland festival

Henrik Wergeland grave memorial

This time of the year, it is taboo asking what date it is in my presence. It is even more taboo to discuss the weather. In short, it's the hectic days just before the June 17th Wergeland festival (programme for printing) - everyone is welcome to Tangen and Ingeborgmuseet.

If you can't make it to Tangen, there is another event at Eidsvoll and on Saturday June 16 kl. 17 there is a performance by "Jar litteratur- og teatergruppe" next door to Jar kirke, Wedel Jarlsbergs vei 20, 1358 Jar.

All mentioned events are free and open to everyone. (And they are all expected to be in Norwegian. I'm afraid good old Henrik hasn't been widely translated into English yet.)

So, congratulations on Henrik Wergeland's 199th birthday, have fun on June 17th, and long live wergelandthusiasm and mad idealism ;-).

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