T3 sucks

So far I've not really regretted getting a pay-as-you-go mobile subscription from Teletopia two years ago, but now the annoyances start adding up..

The other issues are more or less severe annoyances, but the account suspension is the killer. All of a sudden the phone you rely on stops working - even though there is money left - and you must call Teletopia customer service or refill your account with an insignificant amount of money like NOK1 to have it re-opened!

I can't help comparing with Orange UK. I've never liked their brand or marketing, but their service and SMS pricing was OK, and I was positively surprised when I returned to London after 3 years elsewhere, popped the old SIM card into a phone - and it worked! I half expected they would have killed the account for inactivity, but there was some money left, even! Thank you, Orange! And shame on Teletopia..

I understand that we are not Teletopia's favourite customers since we probably spend no more than NOK2-300 each on mobile usage per year. We nevertheless use the mobiles daily for SMS and GPRS. I'm sure Teletopia would like us to switch from pay-as-you-go to a subscriber account and pay them 4 times more. However, randomly suspending our accounts even though we have money left on the account is NOT the way to turn us into T3 subscribers. It looks like they want to annoy us until we are certain to choose another operator the day we decide to pay for a proper subscription, and they have now fully achieved this important goal. Congratulations, we can hardly wait to switch...


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