Public sexual imagery and empathy

After a Norwegian high court ruling that appears to liberalise Norwegian porn laws and Oslo City shopping center's recent poster campaigns playing on nudity and sex, it's quite safe to say that certain old taboos are threatened by extinction over here.

My take on that is that the taboos were there for a reason. Not everyone is at a life stage where they can enjoy sex - the streets are full of people who don't have partners - old people, young people, quite normal people who just aren't in the right phase or the right relationship. If you are in an "asexual phase" of your life, society should respect that and not constantly remind you of what you are missing.

I feel the unstoppable commercial pressure behind public, sexual imagery shows a decrease in our collective ability to feel empathy for others and imagine their situation. To the mastermind behind the Oslo City ads: just imagine someone who recently lost their partner to cancer and lives with that constant absence - just imagine how painful it can be to get your constant reminders of a lost intimacy. Are you still proud of your clever campaign?


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