RoadPeace site upgrade

After many delays - unavoidable when three busy people try to finish something together - I'm very proud to have finished an upgrade of the RoadPeace Internet Memorial site. The main new feature lets family, colleagues and friends of a road crash victim enhance the memorial with greetings. There are also some other features, fixes and improvements. And in spite of serious testing there seems to be one overlooked regression: dates and grammar is handled quite badly. The site used to say "11st", I fixed that but the fix introduced or omitted several other problems - now the site says "12nd" and "13rd". Oh well..

Browsing the site gives me a very strange feeling: a mixture of equal parts pride and sadness. Pride that I have helped enabling people creating such beautiful memorials and sadness for their losses and sorrow.

On a related note, check out the new edition of the excellent World Transport Policy and Practice magazine.


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