Problems using Ulead Video Editor

Software is hard. I know. It requires superhuman attention to detail to get things right, and since we are mere humans we usually write pretty bad software.

Inspired by Matthew Thomas's lists of problems, here is a write-up of all the things that annoyed me while trying to get used to Ulead Video Editor 9.0 (bought because our camera's bundled Japanese software refused to install itself on my English Windows 2000). It's real-life usage problems and I have spent my time on compiling the list in the optimistic hope that Ulead will find it useful.

Major showstoppers

UI/functionality problems

General UI annoyances

Trying to capture and edit video in spite of all that is quite a struggle. I have to keep doing the re-install dance for now because I spent my money and don't have other options. (The "home user" version of Adobe Premiere requires XP - and it told me so AFTER I downloaded all the hundreds of megabytes. Thanks.)

I love VirtualDub, it starts in an instant and the UI is both clever and simple (though written for a larger screen than mine). Can't someone give that genius Avery Lee the information he needs to capture video from my camera with the embedded sound?


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From Martin     on 2005-07-15 10:39:59

I recommend Apple's iMovie, which comes bundled with
any mac, including the cheap Mac Mini.

From Hallvord     on 2005-07-16 16:27:18

Ah.. :) If only my UI usage habits weren't so Windowsified.. But one day a Mac, perhaps?

Problem Updates: the crashing may have to do with moving the previously captured files away?

The smart download dial-up issue is probably a bug in MSIE. If IE is set to "Offline mode", smart download will try to dial up until you run IE and clear the "Offline mode" flag, then re-start UVE.

From Juan Castro     on 2005-12-19 16:34:35

If I try to mute a video clip in order to insert a mp3 for background, the picture in the editor deteriorates.

From w     on 2007-03-24 14:12:33

I bought Ulead Movie Factory 4 in Nov 2005. It worked reasonably well at first, but then it crashed. The Tech support advised me to download an update and TOTALLY reinstall the software as far as going to clean up all Ulead application files and to edit the Windows Registry. Some problems still remained after reinstallation and finally I uninstalled the software and abandoned it.

In Dec 2006, I bought Ulead PictureShow 4 and soon it crashed. Again I uninstalled the software and abandoned it.

But my computer was never the same. It experienced sudden shutdown repeatedly. Microsoft warned that software not fully compliant with Windows standards could cause problems to the computer like that subsequently. As a result, I had to completely reinstall Windows XP in March 2006, and again, in March 2007!