Internet vs. postmodernism?

"Postmodernism" is a vague term that often contains contradictory models and ideas. The common denominator seems to be chaos, of impressions, of expressions, received in societies described as multicultural. One of the commonly mentioned effects of this is the death of narratives at least, the death of the big "meta-narratives". The world is broken down in small, non-coherent epics in daily news reports. Apart from these epics, the "story", is dead..

The most important new medium of the "post-modern" age, the Internet, has some characteristics that differ from or contradict these traits of our time. The revolutionary idea behind hypertext was to imitate the way our brain works through associations, by linking text and graphics through a computer network. Thus, the Internet exposes contexts.

Net surfers do it with links. And what are links, unless signs of a logic, a continuity through the cyberspace universe? The whole idea of links has a sense of epic, from this point to that point through a logical connection.

Most browsers keep a log, a list of visited sites. The frequent term for this list, is a new reminder of how surfing may feel epic: it is called "history" Will the Internet help recover the epic feeling from post-modern chaos?