Speak out, girls!

Girls do not chat enough!

OK, they may talk to other girls, but in inter-sexual friendships, girls more often than not are the ones who ask questions, encourage others to talk, the ones who build a psychological "stage" where the boy may unfold his inner life.

Does it matter? Yes, because which person in a friendship appears as "interesting" matters for the self-confidence of the other one. It matters because it's a question of developing personality traits like the ability to stand up for your opinions, or choosing a passive audience role. In strong friendships, those roles are evenly shared.

Of course this has been said earlier, but in my experience the problem persists. Therefore: Girls! Demand that your male friends are interested in how you are doing! (And boys, lets get better at asking those questions!)


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From Hallvord     on 2004-11-04 17:54:24

This page sometimes gets comment posted by mistake because visitors think it is a chat system. Sorry to disappoint you but it is merely an opinion piece (and I have even completely forgotten why I wrote it in the first place).

So if you got here because you searched for "chat girls" or something like that, move on to next search result. No action here :-)

From chitos_egypt_2010@hotmail.com     on 2004-11-16 19:56:45

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From Molly     on 2004-12-31 18:51:39

I do not care if I am talkin' 2 a
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From Molly     on 2004-12-31 18:52:57

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From Molly     on 2004-12-31 18:53:41

Hello? Is ANYNE there? :-)

From Molly     on 2004-12-31 18:53:46

I do not care if I am talkin' 2 a
boy or girl as long as there is
no cursing!

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