Address book conversion

Here you can convert several E-mail programs' address books into Opera contact list format.

Step one:

  1. Export your address book from your E-mail program to comma-separated or tab-delimited format. See your E-mail program's help files if you are not sure how to do this.
    If your E-mail client can not do this, I'm afraid your address book can not be converted here.
    TIP: The next step will be easier if the first entries in your address book have as complete information as possible.
  2. Click the browse-button (...) below to locate the file you saved in step a.
  3. Click

Privacy statement: the file will be automatically processed and then removed from the server. The E-mail addresses and other information are not made available to me or anyone else during this process, and not harvested, archived, traded or used in any way.


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