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Someone wrote:

> > What is the point of
> > placing a soul on earth
> > to see if it will be loyal, true and believe
> > in it's creator, when as an
> > omnistic being, this creator already
> > should know the outcome?

Why? Probably because the Creator also knew how the souls would enjoy discovering each other and the nature.

Because London's platan trees are filled with small, red balls of fresh flowers and big brown balls of year-old seeds. Because the wind at Waterloo Bridge tastes sea.

Because I can point at platan flowers and teach my friend to listen to the nature's joy of rain. Because shared memories suddenly bridge two people's minds and give surroundings of concrete and asphalt a meaning. Because a millisecond's worth of light is stolen by a camera to enhance those memories even further.

Because of every day in your life you can look back and say: this day felt full, ripe with experiences that have spoken to me.

Only God knows if S/He predicted the violence and suffering somebodys free will constantly brings other people. We can only try to help.. Of course one more reason to live here: supporting others..


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