Website updates!

It's been hardly anything new happening here for ages. Mostly because work takes up so much of my computing time, and there is more than enough to do outside of the computer too. Partly because updating manually was too cumbersome and I wanted to write a blog system to handle it (yes, write it from the bottom up). At various times I wrote various suggestions - some database-based, some XML-based, but I never felt I had the simplicity and functionality that I wanted. Also, I always wanted to redesign.

In spite of all these incomplete and false starts I'm glad to see the site awakening after a few years' hibernation. The simplest possible "blog" system I could come up with is up and running. A new feature in the dance section lets you review your dance school and the site uses content-negotiation to automatically serve you either a Norwegian or an English site. It also tries to automatically adapt to your browser's appetite for PNG or GIF images. Welcome back, and please pardon any dust and browser quirks and not-yet-stricly-validating old pages..


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